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"The request line is open..."
Thanks for the shout couldn't slap the smile off my face for the rest of the day. My work has been like herding cats lately, and I walked in this morning all like, "not my monkeys, not my zoo! It's gonna be a GREAT day!

So for my next request, I thought about a song that never fails to bring me out of a funk:
Suicidal Tendencies "You Can't Bring Me Down"

This one has one of my alltime fav lines, "You wouldn't know crazy if Charles Manson was eating Fruit Loops on your front porch!"
How about you play something off of the old Tommy Townsend album, Southern Man? He also had another album that I haven't gotten my hands on.
I request that we write a song using the titles of the spam posts. LOL
I heard my request for the Curtis bit from Maximum Overdrive! And of course all the Lebowski clips were great. Smile

Would love to hear A Beautiful World, Overkill, or Waiting for My Real Life by Colin Hay. I'll request something a little less thrash metal this time. Wink

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