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In Remembrance of the Fall of the Berlin Wall
30 years ago...there was a compilation disk called Stairway to Heaven Highway to Hell that I used to listen to a lot,  which came about as a result of the Moscow Music Festival.  The Scorpions wrote Wind of Change as a result  of some of the antics that happened at the festival.  This song also ended up being an anthem of sorts for the fall of the Berlin Wall.  So...I request Wind of Change by the Scorps.  
Which is also fitting because I quit my job again after only 6 months, and just started my 3rd job of the a dog trainer.  Been having a little trouble figuring out where I fit in, and my last boss treated me like a red-headed stepchild.  I'm pretty excited about this new job. Smile

*edited cuz I needed to fact check my memory
Shooter: once again you have made my day, and I am happy to have inspired YOU to do something for once, instead of the other way around.  Usually you are inspiring me to find happiness and take no shit in the process.  The "Berlin Block" was pretty damn cool...I had forgotten what a cool bass line there is in Nikita.   
Take care....

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