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To Brad
Please accept my condolences for the loss of your dad.  There were many wonderful tribute songs in this week's episode, and I hope that music can continue to help soothe your soul.  A person can feel very alone in a time like this, but we all have to lose our parents at some time.  Which means we all have that shared experience.  Turn toward your family and friends during this time.  I can say from experience that turning inward into social isolation is only a trap.  
(Okay, Beth, shut up now.)
Just wanted to let you know my thoughts and heart are with you. ?
I appreciate the kind words. I have definitely found at least some solace in the words from my friends and family. It's just made harder with everything going on and not being able to do anything with the will because the courts are essential shut down for that, no more than 10 people at the funeral home, etc. He's been in bad health for quite a while (alzheimer's,COPD,...), but I'm glad he's not dealing with that pain anymore.

Again, though, I appreciate your words, and I'm glad you enjoyed some of his favorite tunes.
He loved him some Prine, Dylan, Petty, and many others.
Yeah, this pandemic is really not helping anything, is it?  Nothing like making a bad situation worse.  My mom has COPD and I had been doing all her shopping, cooking and cleaning.  Now with the virus, I am terrified of exposing her, so I have only been going to her place a few times a week, dropping off food, etc.  I know it's better this way, but I had gotten used to checking in on her every day, and now the opposite is the best thing to do. *Shrug*
You will get through day at a time.
As will you. I know it is hard to be limited to see her, especially when you are involved in helping her. I always tried to do my best to do my father's shopping and check on him, and my wife takes care of her 90 year old granny. We have been pretty vigilant in minimizing any chance of exposure, as we really try to do regardless. I didn't want my dad or her granny to get the flu or any other bug as well. I commend you for taking care of your mother and wish you both the best during this.
You're right.. one day at a time is all we can do.
I practiced my whole life wanting to be a hermit, and now I'm "essential" and had to do running for dad, and now trying to get his estate taken care of. I was ready for this quarantine thing. I've always just wanted a cave with internet. ;-)
Take care.
I hear you. My husband and I live on 20 acres not far outside of town, and so our social lives have not changed drastically during this.  We don't get out much anymore, but we spent many years running from bar to bar (my husband used to play drums in several bands).  When he lost both parents within a year of each other, everything stopped and we stay holed up.  

In fact, we had just made a pact to actually TRY to get out more and see old friends, and three months later, we are not allowed.  Go figure!

You are easy and fun to chat with, and I could ramble by keyboard forever, but I'll let you go.  Feel free to drop me a line if you need a virtual ear.

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