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For John
Sadly, John Prine is in the hospital right now fighting Corona Virus.

It would be great to hear a John Prine block this weekend

- Blue Umbrella (Souvenirs Version)
- Same Thing Happened to Me
- Bad Boy
I grew up listening to John Prine since I was a kid. Anytime we had to head West to see my dad's folks it'd be dad, mom, my brother and me in a chevy pickup. And as you know my dad was in charge of the music. Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings was the album I remember most on those trips. My dad had the CD and I remember the staring at the cover. Also he had a VHS tape I would watch all the time with Todd Snider opening for John Prine. Long story short when I was in my late teens I ended up stealing one of my dad's John Prine CD's....along with others. My favorite at that time was John Prine "Live on Tour" from 1997. He has a few Live on Tour albums, but the 97 one is my favorite. So I'll make a request for John because I love him so much, He has made a huge impact on my life. Please play the opener from John Prine's "Live on Tour- 1997" album, "Picture Show"

I could request John Prine songs for the next 24 hrs. We lost a good one Shooter.
And I'm shocked we haven't seen more requests.
I'm super embarrassed to admit this here, but I've never listened to his music until I heard a few songs on Electric Rodeo.  I just grew up in a whole different music scene.  I plan to sit down and start listening so I can find out what I've been missing.

So, a selection of songs for a JP newbie would be great to hear.
I've been doing some John Prime homework, and for the life of me, I can't figure out how I hadn't heard him earlier.  This is the type of music my mom would have listened to.  Anyway, suffice it to say, I'm in love and am going to start downloading his music, one album at a time.  I've always placed emphasis on the way music makes me feel overall, rather than focus on one instrument or lyrics. (I am a "can't see the trees for the forest" kind of person).  But the lyrics are just so good here, that this is going to be a great exercise for me to pay attention to what is being said and conveyed, instead of an overall emotion I get from a piece of music.

It is terrible that he is gone, but suddenly my social media feeds are filled with John Prine music.  Many people are doing covers and tributes, and others are just sharing his original work.  His death is unifying people across the country in his music.  

Great show this week, by the way.
Make sure you try these Prine songs

- Bruised Orange (Chain of Sorrow)
- Common Sense
- Souvenirs
(04-14-2020, 07:01 AM)Kkness Wrote: Make sure you try these Prine songs

- Bruised Orange (Chain of Sorrow)
- Common Sense
- Souvenirs

I LOVE Bruised Orange, along with (so far):  Please Don't Bury Me, It's a Big Old Goofy World, Fish and Whistle, Sabu Visits..., When I Get to Heaven, and The Way the World Goes Round.  (Found these on a great compilation video of 16 of John Prine's Funniest, Quirkiest, John Priniest Songs.)

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