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Believe it or not
I was going to request Should I Stay or Should I Go this week, as I've been agonizing whether to stay or go at a job I've been doing.  I decided to go at the end of the year, but let Blackjack know he picked the best song to start this week!

Okay, on to the rest of the episode.  I've missed you!  Even had a dream we were roommates last night.  Platonic roommates and some of my real-life ex-roommates from 30 years ago were there too, along with Aubrey Richmond.  Hahaha.
Great request from Jase too!  Love it!

Fun show.  Hope you are settling in and loving the new house.  Do we get a BCR Cribs show someday?

We just bought a gigantic trailer for our move this spring.  That's if they'll let us COVID heathens in from Wisconsin.  I wouldn't blame them if they didn't. Hahaha.

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