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Thanks for the memories
Wow, I loved this episode! Made me think of so many memories, and so many stories I could tell. This was also the music I grew up on, only I was a touch older, in my late teens and early 20s. Metallica's Black album was on perpetual repeat for a long long time when my husband and I were first dating. Enter Sandman reminded me of the night he was playing/singing this song at a gig when he was sick. I was watching as he went into a long growling scream and got super lightheaded and almost fell right off his drum throne as he nearly blacked out (not drunk!) He managed to recover and sat back up and finished out the song!

So, Shooter, how about some stories of the strangest things that have happened to you and/or the band while on stage?

Oh, and I was super flattered to be unofficially elected the most annoying member of the forum. LOL

Got a good laugh out of the Jerky Boys and Beavis and Butthead too. "Uhhh, is this Nelson?" Now I want to hear "Frog Baseball!" Who remembers Winter Steele from Liquid Television?

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