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It really sucks
that I'm going to miss you and Duff by 5 days in Nashville. Though, I would not like the zoo that are the CMA's. Might be a good theme for this weeks show though. Well, will just have to catch you down the road. Hopefully, sooner than later. My request for this weeks show is Led Zeppelin "The Rain Song". I really think they get a bad rap in them being pigeon holed. They put out some amazing stuff if you just sit down and listen to their work.
I hear ya! Been trying to figure out a way to see him this year, but I just don't know. I'm working on my husband to drive out to Sturgis. It's 12 hours one way. But I love me a good road trip, we can see Sturgis a week before the rally (you wouldn't catch me dead out there duting the rally), and we would get a chance to visit Devil's Tower again. But we'd also have to make this happen in a 3-day time period. It might be too crazy, but we have a saying around here when we are trying to make plans..."What would make the better story?" Staying home and playing it safe, or hopping in the van (yes, I drive a mini van, for my dogs) and driving cross country to see one of my favorite people? I know the answer. Just need to convince the other half. Wink

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