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Electric Rodeo History
Let's get this Producer's Corner thing rollin'. I'm a huge fan of the show. I've been an almost religious listener for at least 10 years now. I follow Shooter, Brad, and Outlaw Country on Twitter and have been lucky enough to interact with all of them through that medium, but I'm loving this new landing zone for the show. First question: On what date did the very first episode of Electric Rodeo air on Sirius XM (I guess it was still XM back then?)? Twelve-ish years ago, right? Second question for Brad: When did you join the show? (full disclosure: I've bugged the shit out of Brad on Twitter and he's always been a great ambassador for the show and just a really good dude. Much appreciated, Brad!!)
Thanks for the kind words. I don’t know the exact start day, I know that my album Electric Rodeo was not out yet but it was a few months from release. So it must have been January or February of 2006. Brad came on about 3 years ago. We were friends for years before and I was unaware of his experience in radio before I asked him to produce the show. It was based on our common sense of humor and nostalgia, that and he would send me messages with links to audio and video that tickled my bones, and I felt he could make the show have that vibe... needless to say, years and a Beyond The Black later, he is the MAN!
Oh and it was Sirius, before they bought XM
Joel, what's up man? Glad to see you on here.

I finally get a post in the producer's corner, and Shooter steals my thunder.. damn.. haha

Man, I can't believe it's been three years. I just checked, and it was the weekend of Oct 10th 2015.
Shooter had kinda randomly asked about doing some show production and I literally cranked out some intros and we both geeked out and loved the way everything fit. I still remember sending those first segments to him and it's been full steam ahead since.

I still get pumped when I do it, and I love the work we did on the Art Bell tribute show, some of our year end shows, the 500th episode, and of course, the crown jewel(l): Beyond the Black.

I dig this website as well, and hope we get some good activity. Anything that reminds me of those early wild west days of the internet is good stuff. Next, if we can ditch facebook and bring back Geocities webpages and guestbooks.
Super cool to hear back from both of you!
Shooter, thanks for keeping the best weekly radio show out there alive for all these years. Electric Rodeo is perfectly curated. I know I speak for many when I say that. You keep it fresh while never forgetting the past. Hat's off, Sir!
Brad, I'll leave you alone on Twitter from now on and just ask all my dumb questions here. I appreciate you always being cool about getting back to me. Much obliged.
Happy Thanksgiving to both of you and yours!
Never bugs me to get cool questions or comments, man.

Happy thanksgiving to y'all, too.
Thanks, Dude! We had a great Turkey Day up here. Got a little drunk, ate too much, watched Smokey and The Bandit, The Longest Yard (the original), and listened to the live recording of this year's Farm Aid on Outlaw Country (of course).
Brad, in one of Shooter's earlier posts on this thread he mentions that you two guys were friends for years before you actually worked together on Electric Rodeo. How did that come about? If I guessed computer games would I be warm?
We met at a concert where my buddy WB Walker was interviewing him and Jon Hensley (podcast called WB Walker's Old Soul Radio Show - )
We got talking about arcade machines while we were backstage and just geeked out talking about stuff like that. We became friends and a little while after that he asked me if I knew anything about programming as he was working on his first BBS game - From Here to Eternity. After I was like, well, I went to college for it and programmed games on an old ATT 8086 when I was like ten years old, he taught me some of the wildcat basic and I helped program the enemies as well as a completely badass, if I do say so myself, hidden area in the game.
The game is completely awesome if you haven't played it. It's on his BBS: BitSunrise -
Sometime after all that he asked about the production.
Very cool! I'll have to check all this stuff out (podcast, game). I've never been much of a gamer, but I believe the games you are talking about are more from my era of the Atari 2600 (my parents never sprang for the Atari, but we had a TRS-80 from Radio Shack). I might actually be able to get down on From Here to Eternity. FWIW, I'm still trying to win the Oregon Trail game even though IRL I've actually made the journey successfully Smile
I really enjoyed the few times you have interacted with Shooter on the show, and would love to hear more of it.

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