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Electric Rodeo History
-Joel, this game would definitely be up your alley then. Text based, like Zork and completely from that era. I've never gotten to play on the TRS-80, always wanted to. I've got some commodores and atari 8bit computers as well as a bunch of classic games.

-Billy, It's one of those things I don't always get a chance to, but sometimes I'll randomly throw one in there. Most of the time I figure as long as me and Shooter get a kick out of it, but at least one other person likes it. ha
Brad and Shooter, if you're wondering whether or not this website is making an impact other than song requests for the show, I can assure you it is. If you follow a couple of the threads you'll see that one of your listeners lived in Europe during the Cold War and later on married a woman whose father was the captain of a US submarine that is now docked at a museum in Portland, OR (Mike provided actual footage from said submarine circa 1960 and I provided a pic of myself with the same sub in Portland from a couple of years ago)AND we are both fans of the Deadstring Bros (now the Deadstring Family Band) who play a monthly show at a bar here in Portland. I mean, go figure. Small effin world. Thanks for this super cool website. Much obliged!
Shooter definitely made a wise choice in putting Brad's hands on the dials. It was a great show before that and Brad has taken it to a new level of cohesiveness.

Oddly, I was just thinking a couple of weeks ago that a forum would be a great addition, since I don't really do social media. And there it was! So very cool that Shooter manages to grant virtually all my musical wishes, even before I asked - then y'all came through again!

Keep on keeping on!

BTW, you ever get in the central Illinois area and want to take a quick play at some arcade machines, my wife's office mate (they help run the computers at the Big U in town here) supposedly has a whole garage full. I also recently made acquaintance (over a mutual love of Land Cruisers) of a fellow who used to do musical production for the Spongebob Squarepants show (RIP Stephen Hillenberg) among other projects who also has something of an arcade collection going. I'm sure they'd be happy to talk shop.
Surviving in the flat earth Midwest
I'd love to do some roadtripping and arcading. I have three machines I've been trying to get to my house from my dad's for forever. I've finally got one moved over here in my studio. I put a multiboard in it, but it did have Bad Dudes. I have a Tron I've been missing out on.

That's awesome about the Spongebob guy. Crazy the people we come in contact with out there. I bet he's an interesting cat.

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