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Now that you and Shooter have reached the level of superheros, here is an idea, why not take it to the next level and come up with your own superhero stories that Shooter could tell on the show or even one step beyond that where you could do a scripted story. Kinda like the bits on the old Hee Haw. I think it would be a hoot!
We always play with different ideas for things to do and always love the radio theater type stuff. I think something like your idea could be great if you get someone to animate it to have the stories told over it. IT would be dangerous the ideas I would come up with if we had unlimited resources.ha.
Well, glad you like the idea. It could be a lot of fun and I think people would love it. There was a reason Prairie Home Companion lasted so long. AND, if you are looking for a character resource, I'm your man!

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