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UFO Requests (for now and later)
I'm looking forward to the "UFO show" Shooter announced is coming up on August 17. It sounds like this is something he's been working on, so there may be a full play list already.

On the other hand, if we get one UFO show, I'd bet there's more than enough for another one. In that spirit, whether for this week or later, what do people suggest for UFO songs/albums and, oh yes, there is that group, UFO?

Plenty to pick from. I'm going to go with a request from one of my all time favorite albums, Secret Treaties by Blue Oyster Cult, where I think the epic last cut, Astronomy, would fit (if not too long!). It's something or other to do with the stars and it's what I'd want to hear playing if I was somehow captured and was being involuntarily welcomed aboard by an alien tractor beam.
Surviving in the flat earth Midwest
I love that u pulled Astronomy out. I always play that song. I love that record so much!! It will def be included in it!
Now I'm really looking forward to the UFO Show, ++!

Astronomy puts me to drifting back to many happy memories boogieing along forest trails in Germany with my buddies in my VW Bug listening to Secret Treaties. We had some cool places we'd hang. An actual Frankenstein Castle. The silver mines. Under the Lorelei along the Rhein River in a tunnel I later learned was intended for explosives to bring the neighboring RR tunnel down in case of Soviet invasion. The old missile site...yep, where the nukes slept (thank goodness!) in the 60s, we partied on the pads in the 70s. Few finer places to enjoy BOC than realizing you're just cannon fodder in case of war, which might only last until the big flash in the sky took us all away. Gotta lean on BOC when you're growing up among such madness.

It's about then that you're good and ready for the UFO's to show up and take you away from it all, just in time...
Surviving in the flat earth Midwest
Would this be a good time to play Maggot Brain?

UFO's Big Rigs & BBQ- Mojo Nixon
Take me to your leader- Mojo Nixon

And anything by Radiohead. If I met an Alien, I would play Radiohead for the human race.
"Space Truckin'" Deep Purple Smile
It was an outstanding show. Got my Astronomy itch scratched in a big way - my wife got a kick out of the segue into Porno for Pyros "We'd Make Great Pets."

It's interesting that Astronomy holds such parallel meanings in the minds of young people - or at least those who were once young. I saw BOC only once, in Indianapolis, as my very strange year of 1975 turned into 76, as I dropped out of college (that time), and was losing my made in Germany friends and gaining made in Midwest friends. Vietnam imploded, love briefly gained was lost, Ah, it was the 70s and I was young enough to enjoy it, but not yet old enough to treasure all the opportunities it presented.

On the other hand, Shooter found inspiration for more great music there, among the stars, years later. BOC rocks!

Written as I enjoy the show a second time on Sunday Smile
Surviving in the flat earth Midwest
"Starship Trooper" Yes.

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