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Missed the opening of this week's show as we were out running errands. So a belated Happy Tanya Tucker Day!

My memories of Berlin are very different. Almost half a century ago, I arrived with my family on a train, the so-called "duty train." Like most of the wall, it's long gone. Back in the day, it was a vital way of showing the flag and keeping the rail corridors the Western Powers were granted through the Soviet territory after the defeat of the Nazis were observed.

It was also free. The US Army operated it daily from Frankfurt. It departed from their in the early evening. The train itself was patrolled by armed MPs. Outside, once we reached East German territory, we were warned not to look out of the windows covered by shades. Naturally, I wasn't quite following along and I took the opportunity at one stop to peek. Sure enough, the other side had their own armed guards, packing AK-47s.

Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed my only overnight trips on a sleeping car, to Berlin and a few days later back again.

Being a bit of a rail nut, I spent a lot of my time in Berlin riding the extensive subway system. My mom was pretty worried about that, as it did pass through and stop in the East, but I stayed aboard and refrained from causing an international incident.

The Berlin Wall was ugly and life in the East looked grim. But the Wall was actually useless against one of the most effective corrputers of youth in the East. Armed Forces Radio Europe operated in Berlin and the Rock and Roll, country, etc on it floated right over that wall.

Sounds like the European tour is going strong. Wish I was there.
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