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Hangin' Out With Billy Don Burns
Billy is an old pal of Shooter's, and a mutual friend of the writer/artist that released, "Hangin' Out With Billy Don Burns", Lyman Ellerman. Lyman and Billy were hanging out in Lyman's studio for a few days earlier this year while Billy was in Nashville. They were working on some other tunes for Billy. Lyman wrote this song shortly after Billy left and sent it to Billy for his thoughts. Billy loved it, digs the heck out of it, and suggested Lyman submit it to Shooter for a listen. No BS, check with Billy. He'll vouch for Lyman. I am authorized to share the tune. Happy to send you a .WAV file, but could not get it to attach to this post. Neither Billy or Shooter know me, but I work with, and behalf of Lyman.

Title: Hangin' Out With Billy Don Burns
Artist/Writer Lyman Ellerman
Woodshed Resistance Records/Woodshed Resistance Music
Shooter. Thank you pal. You didn't have to do that, and I know the track is rougher than rough. Going to cut a good version soon... unless of course you think you'd want to!!!!!! B.D. is an asset to our world as you are. Another mutual acquaintance Jeb Brown in central Illinois as well, initially hooked myself and B.D. up. Billy and I are getting ready to cut a great duet together real soon maybe out at the Cash Cabin. If not, somewhere here in town in Nashville. He has inspired me much lately and I'm honored to do something with him and equally honored for you to give a spin even though I know it was for no other reason than you know B.D. You're a quality, solid, dude. I know just from this one simple act of kindness. Hope to meet you one day along the way. Thanks again, Lyman

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