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What a great show this week!
So much to love about this show... I was so sad to miss a week, but this made up for it.
First off...the offer still stands on the spam posts. PM me if interested. The Spam song was EPIC.
The Cars...I could have listened to 2 hours of nothing else...however,
She Talks to Rainbows...ugh, the first time I heard this was your (the Shooter) version on YouTube, and I loved it so much. Had no idea the Ramones and Ronnie Spektor did it first. Hits me right in the feels.
Vince Gill...I just straight up do not listen to enough of this good, and what a powerful song!
GnR...I was 16 when Appetite came out and, having grown up on 80s pop music and hair metal, this was so raw and, as you put it, dangerous...I was a big fan as well. Night Train was one of my favs for sure. (Later, my husband-to-be would introduce me to Metallica, Suicidal Tendencies, and Pantera which brought me down a whole different path.)
So glad you had a great time opening for them...I can't even imagine the energy. The closest I have to compare it to is when my husband's band opened for Godsmack and Breaking Benjamin in Duluth for about 5,000 people in 2004. It was his one taste of musical fame and he felt like a rock star for sure! (It was also the one and only time I "snuck in" backstage at a show...LOL)
I definitely need to listen to this episode more than once this week.
Oh, and I second the motion of another Beyond the Black. I just finished this not too long ago, and have forwarded to my husband cuz this will be right up his alley re the David Icke stuff.
Thanks for a great tribute show to some great people, and keeping it real, as always.

Would love to hear feedback from other fans of ER. Let's see some comments! (So's I don't feel like I'm talking to an empty room all the time).
I agree, it was a great show and it gave me an idea for a thread that I'm just getting around to posting in a moment, too. I don't always post up, because I'm a slacker, but I always listen. Last week kinda drained me emotionally with a the great folks we've lost recently. Shooter helped with his selections, I just didn't have much psychic energy left at the end.
Surviving in the flat earth Midwest

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