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Just wondering if there is anyway that you could let us know when ER is going to be a replay (and number) on Outlaw country and when the shows are new. Listened on Saturday and it was a replay. Not that I'm complaining as Shooter played a lot of Tony Joe White. Love his new album "Bad Mouthin". Who knew it would be his last! R.I.P.
thanks for reaching out! I’m sorry last week was a replay. Usually I always try and not have a replay happen, but this time around, I pulled into the airport and realized I’d left my entire rig before getting on a flight. Like a complete bonehead I had rushed out of the house without bringing my entire backpack which had so much of my life in it! Without time to go back and still make my flight I had to have them run a replay.

Usually the only thing that keeps me from doing a new episode is either timing (a really crazy travel schedule) or a crazy busy week in the studio.

Again I apologize. I’ll see if we can start posting when a replay is and what episode will be re-aired. We pride ourselves on our work ethic so I always hate having to run a replay.
No problem Shooter. Like I said, glad you honored Tony Joe White and I know you are busy in the studio and that shit happens. Also, sometimes it is cool to listen to replays especially if I miss a show or I would like to hear a show again because it is so good. My suggestion would be just to post (on this site) that the weekends show is a replay and the number. If not we can assume that it is new. That would cut down on work. Thanks for the reply and good luck in the studio!

P.S. Is Jesse behaving or has he been threatened to be cut up with a chainsaw! LOL!
Replays are great! I like that it shakes up. Since I listen to this in my office while streaming, I like that some are replays. I can only access the previous two weeks when I go to stream.

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