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Antisocial September
My goal for September (my favorite, and most introspective, month of the year) is to delete social media from my life for 30 days. I've already dumped Twitter (never could get into that one anyway), and Instagram and Facebook will be removed from my phone Aug. 31. It's an experiment. I am a naturally introverted person, so I like to spend a lot of time reading and learning. I feel like social media gets in the way of quality reading because it's too fragmented. I'd also like to spend more time in quiet reflection, as I'm going through a few issues that I'm having trouble working out.

I'm not counting this forum as social media. Smile

Anybody want to join me?

Any reading list ideas?
I'm pretty much already there. Don't do FB, Twitter, and pretty much all that sort of stuff. My LininkedIn hasn't been touched in a couple of years. I generally don't count online forums as social media, because the format predates what most refer to as social media now. So ER is fine, along with a couple of other sites that address various hobby interests.

Not having a smartphone that's cell-capable helps. I have a "cell device" - a hand-me-down from my wife. Between wifi and using goTenna Mesh I still have plenty of connectivity. If I' am away from home, I have a small wireless hotspot that can put my iPad or other device online.
Surviving in the flat earth Midwest
I've been on Facebook for 10 years!!! I've shut it down before, but it never lasts. Now I prefer Instagram. I like to see what my favorite people are up to. But I have been decreasingly active on those accounts. You just find yourself continually checking to see if anything new has happened. I'm pretty sure there is better use of my time. Even if I'm just watching Whose Line Is It Anyway, like I'm currently doing. LOL
3 week update. This is hard! You don't realize how much of a grip these sites have on you until you decide to leave. If I had not made this a month-long challenge, I would have given in by now.
The good: When I see people in real life, we actually have something to talk about, after getting over the awkward, "Did you see on Facebook?" question. No, I did not see on Facebook. Why don't you tell me about it instead? I don't miss Facebook at all...but I really miss Instagram.
I also found Shooter's Beyond the Black series, and spent many hours listening to that. Loved it...especially the historical stories.
The bad: I haven't yet found much of anything to satisfactorily occupy my down time. I've gone back to "reading the cereal box" during meals, so to say. I've tried reading the news, but it's too depressing and might as well be coming from Mars for how relatable it feels to my life.

Still searching for ideas... One week left to the challenge, and I haven't cheated once!

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